Feng Shui Flying Star 2019

Using annual flying star chart of the year is an easy way to optimize your luck and energy,  you can analyze the positive and negative direction of your house or office with it. 

 Here is the flying star chart of 2019:

 We already add the suggestions of elements stuff which you can put it in the corresponding direction to improve your luck or protect you from the negative energy in this chart. 


For the year of Pig,  #4 Wen Qu Star of academic and career is at North. #3 Lu Cun star of argument is to the South. #9 You Bi Star of prosperity is at the Northwest, but this year's Tai Sui is also in this direction, it reduce the good energy of the #9 star. 

#6 Wu Qu the star of luck is at the East, also #7 Po Jun star which can boost #6 star's energy is at the Southeast.  And #5 Lian Zhen the star of disaster is at the Southwest, #2 Ju Men the star of illness is at the Northeast, #1 Tan Lang the star of reputation is at West, but because of the influence of #5 star and Tai Sui around, its positive energy had been reduced. 

#8 ZuoPu the star of wealth is in the center, under the influence of #6, center is a good direction, but be careful of the placement at the center, inappropriate placement may cause bad relationship or arguments.  

Overall, the lucky direction of year of Pig is South, North, Center. The unlucky direction is West, Northeast and Southeast.



Placement suggestions for each direction:


Center: #8 You Bi the star of Wealth

Put your bedside or desk face to the center, you could probably get a promotion, salary raise or get a great progress on your start up business. Especially for the industry of economic, building, estate, mining, wholesale and retail. 

Also, place a planting of landscape, or a prints of " Along the River During the Qingming Festival" on your bedside or before your desk, and put a carpet in fuchsia at the end of bed or under the desk, that would boost the energy.

Planting of Landscape


Prints of " Along the River During the Qingming Festival"


South: #3 Lu Cun star of argument

The element of #3 star is wood, and element for south is fire, wood and fire are generative elements. So it is a benefit direction. Put your bedside or desk face to the south can gain good fortune. But #3 star is some kind of malefic, it may brings the energy of argumentative, so place some green plantswood statues and hang a "Hundred Fu" prints above the plants can increase the good energy and prevent the bad effects from malefic, especially for someone work at the industry of economic, estate, transportation, fashion and beauty, public relations, service, acting, wholesale and retail. 

Green Plants


Feng Shui Cochin Ware Mandarin Ducks


Wood Statues
"Hundred Fu" prints

West: #1 Tan Lang star of reputation and relationship

The element of west side is metal, element of #1 star is water. Water and metal are also generative elements, the direction is greatly increases the function of the #1 benefit star. Under the appropriate Feng Shui placements, you could be gain reputation and love luck. 

But under the malefic around west side,, it still may have some bad effect, so although you have gain wealth or good relationship, you still need to be careful of your behavior with opposite sex people,  especially if you had married. 

For someone work at acting, education, legal, sales, insurance industry, put 8 water plants in a round ceramics ware at the west side, and 8 crystal at the north side of your house can increase reputation and wealth. For the industry of timber, fashion, medicine, machine or home appliances, put a planting of landscape with a green plant below can increase the good energy avoid the bad effect of the malefic. 

Round Ceramics Ware

Feng Shui Round Ceramic Ware



Feng Shui Crystal Globe on Ceramic Base


Feng Shui Crystal Globe with Lotus on Ceramic Base




East: #6 Wu Qu star of Luck

#6 star is consider as a star of wealth, but the east direction is restricted its function. If your zodiac is Monkey, Chicken, Cow, Pig, Snake, avoid to hang around or start decoration project at the this direction, if may cause bad effect. Put a prints of " Along the River During the Qingming Festival" and a water plant below at east side of your home or office can helps luck.



Southwest: #5 Lian Zhen the star of disaster

Both the element of #5 star and southwest side are earth, this may increase the bad effect of this malefic. If you has spend more time at the southwest side, the may cause illness, couple argument or money lost. Especially for the zodiac of Monkey, Pig, Chicken, Snake, Cow. So please do not start decoration project,  put water plants, fish tank or any water element staff at the southwest side of your house and office, that may increase the bad energy of this malefic. 

For reduce the bad effect, use 6 red envelop, each one contain some ricesaltteaa ancient coin and a piece of leaf from cypress. Stick 6 metal tiger accessories on the envelop and put them to the southwest side of your house or office. 


Metal Tiger Accessories


Northeast #2 Ju Men the star to illness

Both the element of #2 star and northeast are earth, it is very bad . The direction is greatly increase the bad effect of this malefic. It is the dangerous direction of the year. So except not spend more time or start a decoration project at the northeast side, do not put ceramics, stone sautes, television or anything contact the element with fire and earth, because these 2 element may boost the bad energy of the malefic. 

For reduce the bad effect, Put 3 green plants and 8 metal accessories around it at the northeast side of your house. If your front door is face to northeast, put 3 green plants and 8 metal accessories and a caplet in gold color at the entrance can reduce the bad effects. 

Metal Tiger Accessories


Caplet in Gold Color

Southeast #7 Po Jun

From year 1984-2003 could be the best for The #7 star, it can helps to generate money. Since it is 2019 now, it's energy is restricted. Also, the element of #7 star is gold, and element of direction southeast is wood, it has overcoming interaction between them. For boost the benefit of this star, you can put a painting of nine fish or a painting with many person in it, and below the painting, put 7 metal accessories.  

 Painting of Nine Fish
Painting with many Person

Northwest #9 You Bi the star of Prosperity

Put your bedside face to the northwest, or move your bookroom to the northwest part of the house may brings you great benefit of prosperity. Except money, also easy to have children. Or put a painting of "Hundreds of Children Playing" (or prints with kids in it), and put 3 paints with red flower would be much better to increase the benefit effect. Especially for the industry of culture, legal, acting and education.

Painting of "Hundreds of Children Playing"


North #4 Wen Qu the star of academic and career 

The elements of #4 star is wood, the element of north is water, wood and water are generative elements. With the influence of other benefit stars around, the would be greatly helps the function of #4 star this year, spend more time hang around at the north side of your house would be great help for reputation and wealth.  

For someone who is single or need to boost the luck of academic, can put a water plant and a metal tiger or rabbit statue at the north side, it would helps to pass exam. But for married people, do not put water plants, fish tank or any decoration with water at the direction, it may cause bad luck. 

For avoid the negative energy,  put a prints of " Along the River During the Qingming Festival" and put a pair of ceramics statues (a male and a female) below

Metal Accessories


A pair of Ceramics Statues